What is the main ingredient in the hand sanitizer?
We use sugarcane ethyl alcohol, which is the most pure and ecological in the world. Besides being renewable, the sugarcane plantation absorbs more CO2 (responsible for global warming) than a forest! Other types of alcohol can be derived from oil or other sources not as sustainable as ours.

What are the other ingredients?
In addition to purified water, we only use essential oils, which are the purest form of a vegetable oil – and nothing else!

Is the formula natural?
100% natural! And 100% vegan! Best of all, it's 100% efficient! We don't use any substance that might have any suspicion of being harmful to our use and for the planet.

Is the product sustainable?
Our packaging is made out of sugarcane recyclable plastic! When you dispose the product in separate recycling garbage, it will be reprocessed and transformed into new packaging or another type of product such as carpets, construction materials and others.

Are the ingredients organics?
Essential oils are already naturally pure and free from dangerous contamination, but we’ll always give preference to organic producers and currently we use organic lemongrass oil. 

Where are the products developed?
In Brazil, in a new and modern facility with the latest production technology and safety, registered with the FDA and approved by ANVISA (Brazilian regulator). 


Why spray instead of gel?
It’s simple! Using gel you are restricted only to your hands, as with spray, in addition to using on your hands, you can apply it on surfaces where you touch, greatly increasing your protection against germs (viruses, bacteria and fungi).

Does spray last longer than gel?
It lasts 2 times more! Because it is liquid and vaporized, it spreads over a larger area with less volume. With 4oz you can use 1,000 times or 250 applications on your hands if you apply 4 times each time! A gel usually does not last more than 120 applications on the hands.

Does spray hand sanitizer really work? 
Due to its liquid state, 70% alcohol works as well as or even better beacuse it has no interference like gel does (the polymer that makes the gel). 

Why use essential oils?
They have properties that intensify the bactericidal effect of ethyl alcohol and they also have other properties that make the user experience very pleasant and relaxing. Once you go essential oil, you never go back

Are the products tested on animals? Are they vegan?
Our products are never tested on animals and are vegan. We make sure that none of our ingredients are of animal origin, not even glycerin.

Are the products sustainable? Eco-Friendly?
What sets us apart from most companies is that we were born from the desire to make our daily consumption of daily products as sustainable as possible. Both the formula and its ingredients, as well as our packaging, production process, transportation and absolutely everything else is designed to be the most sustainable possible. And this is a continuous process, involving technology and constant development, so we’ll be always evolving our processes as technology reaches new levels of sustainability.