What makes a product natural, in addition to the ingredients, is its process - from nature to packaging

Good news! Our products are 100% natural! But what does that mean? Oil is 100% natural! Minerals are, too. CO 2 is too! So what is a natural product? We understand that being natural is a set of circumstances. Oil is natural, but we refine it, transform it into millions of molecules and combine them together, producing an infinite number of new products. This all creates a distance between the “in natura” product of a synthesized product, due to these different

But what is the problem?
Look at the human body: it is undoubtedly a chemical factory, where we change molecules, synthesize new structures and produce countless chemical reactions at all times - we are chemical beings, even our feelings are chemical.

And what do we use to clean, scent, moisturize, treat, cure, etc.? Everything is chemistry! The universe is chemical. So, what does it mean to be natural?

With food, for example, it is the number of transformations and what these transformations add or remove from the natural initial substance. Take milk for example: if you drink milk taken from the cow, it is the “fresh” product; but if you pasteurize it, it undergoes a small change and is heated to 140 degrees, but it is
still milk.

We can also transform the product into powder, use its serum, its lactose; in short, we divide its components and use them for various purposes.

So, we understand that being natural is when there is no process or very few processes involving the substance. Closer to natural means that it is closer to its natural state, that it came directly from nature and that has not changed so much or at all. So, there are levels and levels of natural.

In the case of our hand sanitizers we use neutral ethyl alcohol 70%, which is made of:

1. Sugarcane grinding, which is a mechanical process;
2. Molasses production;
3. Fermentation of molasses;
4. Distillation of fermented wort.

We consider our product natural because, from a highly sustainable plant, we created a sugar that is fermented, distilled and then filtered.

We use bi-distilled plant-based glycerin, which is a product made from a plant oil that has undergone little transformation (crushed and pressed fruit to extract the
oil). And to have a pure product for use on the skin, it is distilled 2 times. The product is sustainable and does not pollute the environment in its manufacturing, in addition to being extremely safe for the skin.

Finally, we use natural essential oils!

Therefore, we have to take into account for the creation of a product:
a) Origin of the original substance
b) Number of processes  each substance undergone
c) Sustainability of the original substance and processes
d) It’s safety for humans


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