Spray alcohol kills 99.9% of germs! Tested!

We tested our hand sanitizers against numerous bacteria and fungi, and they
were approved! Tests done “in vitro”: the pathogens (germs) are put in a petri dish
and our pure product is added, in a proportion according to the international test standard. Then we verify how much (in %) the product “killed” these germs in a certain period of time, which can vary between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

The famous results “kills 99.9%” is just a form of security, so we don’t mention 100%, as we are in a microbiological world - but the results showed 100% elimination. This is common in the technical world of testing.

Regarding whether it kills viruses or not, it is important to say that no product is tested against a virus for two reasons:

1. Viruses are more dangerous to work with and carry out tests, from the point of view of contagion - professional testing laboratories do not do this type of testing, it is not part of the protocol, only some large public health institutions and large pharmaceutical companies that are able to perform tests against specific viruses.

2. Viruses are more fragile than bacteria, so if the product kills bacteria it will most likely kill viruses - that's what it’s called a result by analogy.


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